Why do many of the top Real Estate Brokers put their trust in Homes In Transition?

realtorladyHere’s the bottom line…
Faster sales and higher offers mean bigger commissions and happier clients.

When a seller is shopping for a Broker to sell their property, it often comes down to a review of their past success, their marketing plan and the tools they use to get the best advantage in the market. Oh sure there are other factors, but in a market where everyone is tight on marketing dollars and your time is stretched between serving all your listing’s needs, it’s nice to know Homes In Transition is there to help you manage the many needs of your vacant listings.

As a matter of providing great customer service, Brokers typically assume the responsibility of managing their vacant listing’s needs. As you know, the list of needs can be be extensive: managing the sprinkler systems and landscaping, the thermostat settings, the unlocked windows and doors after showings, keeping the curb appeal high, shoveling the snow and keeping walks and drives clear for access, keeping the pipes from freezing, managing the dust that seems to be everywhere, keeping the interior smelling fresh and trying as you once did, to breath some life into the house for showings or open house.

This in itself is a full time job! Spending your time providing for the needs of your vacant listings only robs your sellers of the precious time you could be working to sell the listing. If you’re like most Brokers, you were hired to sell the property, not maintain it.

Enter Homes In Transition. HIT was designed to accommodate all the needs of both the property and YOUR Seller. Our carefully orchestrated approach to breathing life into your vacant listings will eliminate your list of chores for maintaining your vacant listings and preparing them for open house or scheduled showings. The best part of the HIT service is that it won’t cost you a dime!

HIT has one goal – to help YOU sell your vacant listings faster and at a better price.

The fact is, HIT continues to find ways to further help you market the listings you refer to HIT. Often we receive inquiries from potential sellers wanting to take advantage of our incredible program. These potential clients often ask for a Broker referral for one who uses the HIT program as part of their marketing program. Obviously, we have many to refer! Because we greatly appreciate each of you, we continue to respond to those inquiries with the names of those of you who use HIT and have helped make it what it is today.

Homes In Transition will help your seller Get it Ready, Get it Set and help YOU get it SOLD!

Why do successful Brokers recommend Homes In Transition:

  • Homes In Transition breathes life into your vacant listings.
  • The Local Association of Realtors highly recommends using a Caretaker to eliminate the un-pleasent consequences of leaving a house vacant.
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied means no more look and feel of a desperate seller resulting in better offers.
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied means clean, fresh, well maintained house that is always ready for showing between the hours of 9:00 am and 8:00 pm seven days a week.
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied means no more chores maintaining the condition of your once vacant listing.
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied means added horsepower to your marketing strategy.
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied means having a SAFE house to show – no flashlight required!
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied means the property is being maintained and the working status of the major systems is assured creating shorter repair lists prior to closing.
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied means there will be no surprises waiting for you when you show the house.
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied keeps the house insurable alleviating the possibility of being pulled into a claim for not advising your seller about the benefits and opportunities offered by Homes In Transition.
  • We provide the professional furniture placement and regular inspection so you don’t have to.
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied means the house will be more inviting and accessible for showing resulting in longer visits promoting buyers feel comfortable measuring rooms and getting a chance to visualize how their furnishings might look in their new house.
  • HIT Caretaker Occupied means the property is lock box accessible and now surprises often found with renters.
  • HIT is no cost and no hassle and only a phone call away.

    If you have a vacant listing you need to get sold, call us today!

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