Own a Home?

Homes In Transition is a one stop Albuquerque Property Management solution.  By leveraging our extensive knowledge, training and proven experience we have become a trusted name for providing a wide range of specific services to help you get the most from your property.  Whether you are selling your home, holding your home to generate income, or simply need trusted asset management services while your property is vacant and awaiting its future purpose, we offer a service or can customize a service to fit your needs.

Stop worrying about your Vacant House

Homes In Transition offers a unique Caretaker Service to protect and enhance the marketability of Vacant Houses.  In fact, Caretaker type programs have been so successful in eliminating the predictable consequences associated with vacant houses that the local Real Estate Association has recommended to its members to always stress the importance of using a Caretaker program like Homes In Transition.

Learn more about our Caretaker Asset Protection and Marketing Services that will help you sell your vacant house faster and attract better offers.

Ready to Rent your House?

We offer a comprehensive traditional Property Management Service that will help you generate the most income while keeping your expenses to a minimum.  If you are tired of the slow market or just bought your first investment property we encourage you to learn more about our Long term Property Management Services by following this link.

For those that prefer Do It Yourself Property Management, we have created a program that will help you with all the details.  Our For Rent by Owner Services provide an assortment of professional tools to help you rent your home like a pro without monthly property management fees.

A Vacant home is a huge liability

There are published stories everyday about Vacant houses getting vandalized, stripped of copper, fixtures and appliances, parties, squatters and violent crimes.  Homes In Transition offers Asset Management Services for homes that are sitting vacant awaiting the next course of action including Bank REOs, homes purchased for a future use and other situations where interim protection of the house is an important consideration.

Response from Paul Davis Restoration to our Insurance Flier that we send to our homeowners:  “I had our Senior Associate read over it and yep, you’re spot on!  He was thoroughly impressed by your willingness to offer such a tip, too [to our Homeowners about their insurance coverage when their house is vacant].  It’s true though!  During the freeze/pipe break [of February 2011] many homes were turned down insurance claim-wise and one home had just moved out a week prior.  Bummersville!”

Does your home need a little repair first?

Homes In Transition offers Make Ready Services for properties that may need a little cleaning, fixing up, landscaping services or full on repairs and remodeling service for the home before it’s put on the market for sale or occupancy by a tenant.

Do you have a great home, great location but a poor water system or well?

Water problems are becoming a greater problem because of persistent drought and growing populations all putting their straw into the same diminishing resource.  Homes In Transition has teamed up with Water Management Solutions to provide innovative technology which allows homeowners to get more water from less supply.  Water System Solutions are becoming more in demand to address low pressure / low yield water issues for homes on wells, community water systems, and even some city water systems.

These links will help direct you to specific solutions we offer.  If you have a unique need for products and services that you don’t see here Contact Us and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation and help you find a solution.