Thank you for taking the first step!

We’re excited to see you have found our program interesting and possibly of great value to your current living situation.

Now the next step . . . .

We want to help you get qualified and placed in our program.  But before we get that far, please take a minute to review the following information and check to see if you qualify.

The following will give you more specific information about our program, the cost and what your obligations will be to enjoy all the benefits of living in one of our great houses.

Standard Fees:

  • Application Fee – $45.00 for each occupant over the aged of 18.
    Covers: background check, verifying the application, reviewing the furniture pictures.  (Due to factors beyond our control, sometimes we are unable to place qualified Caretaker Applicants – see our refund policy.)
  • Security Deposit – Equal to one month’s Caretaker Fee.  Paid at time of signing Agreement.
  • Prepaid Caretaker Fee – Equal to one half month’s Caretaker Fee.  Also paid at time of signing Agreement.
  • Caretaker fee – As advertised per property.  Paid on the first of the month or a prorated portion at the time of signing Agreement.
  • Utilities – Caretaker pays all utilities.  Cost Varies by house.
  • Pools and hot tubs – Caretaker pays for regular maintenance.  Cost varies by house.
  • Renter’s Liability Insurance  – Check with your insurance provider for details.
  • Home Owner Association – If applicable, varies by neighborhood / amenities.  Most of our houses don’t have an association fee so we don’t collect one!
  • Pet permit $150.00 / pet – Some of our houses will accept pets but we do charge a non-refundable fee.
  • Company provided property liability insurance – $49.95 / mo. –  Plan can be substituted with Caretaker provided “rental insurance” policy.
  • Early Termination Fee – $499.00 – Payable in the event you must leave the program before the house you occupy sells and we have to back-fill a Caretaker behind you.
  • Optional Maintenance Service $98.00 / mo. — if you’re not handy, we’ll do the minor maintenance for you. (some restrictions apply).

Please NoteOur goal is to place every applicant into our program.  However, this program is not available for everyone.  For Applications we process that do not meet the Minimum Qualifications, there is NO REFUND of the Application Fee.  Before you apply, If you have any questions about your unique situation please call our office to discuss your situation.  These fees are subject to change without notice.

Minimum Caretaker Qualifications:

  • Must possess an attitude of accommodation toward those viewing your house and
  • Those providing direction during your occupancy.
  • Must have a job, proof of income or other funds to pay Caretaker fees, utilities and the like.
  • Must have clean criminal record for at least the past 5 years.
  • Must have clean rental history, no previous evictions or rental collection issues.
  • Must have credit score of 550 or better with no outstanding collections.
  • Must complete an Application and pay Application Fee described above.  (Please review our partial refund policy under Standard Fees above to avoid any confusion)
  • Must provide pictures of furnishings to be used to furnish the assigned house or pictures of those furnishings intended to be rented.  This helps us evaluate which of our houses you will best be able to furnish in an effort to maximize the marketing potential of the house (Stage) while providing the best fit your family’s needs.
  • Must be a US citizen or have the ability to provide suitable background / status information.

General Responsibilities of Caretaker:

  • Caretakers make our houses show ready by providing a tastefully decorated, well-kept environment using one’s own furnishings and accommodating lock box accessibility by Realtors, their clients and HIT staff as required by Homes In Transition.  With your Cooperation, HIT will assist you in preparing your Caretaker house for the best possible show ability and provide instruction on servicing the property.
  • Caretakers are good neighbors and work to build credibility for the effectiveness of the HIT program.
    Caretaker provides regular interior maintenance for the property including those tasks that keep the property clean, fresh, well organized and safe consistent with general home maintenance.
  • Caretaker provides regular outdoor maintenance for the property including those tasks necessary to provide a high level of “curb appeal”, healthy trees, shrubs and lawns, functioning watering systems, safe, sanitary and well maintained environment.  If the Property includes a swimming pool and or hot tub, Caretaker will provide for regular maintenance.
  • Caretaker is a member of a team of other Caretakers and the staff of HIT.  And as such, must understand that  accommodation and cooperation are essential to the overall success of the team.


If this sounds like a good program for you, the next step is to send us pictures of your furniture and complete an Application.  You can Apply Now at any one of our available properties or the one you like by simply selecting the property on our Available Houses page and clicking on the “Apply Now” button at the top left of the property page.

You can send your pictures to us at info@homesintransition.com or you can send us a link to your video or send us a link to your Box file.  Once we have your pictures AND your Application we will arrange a Caretaker Orientation meeting with you and your family at our office.

We understand you may have additional questions so please visit our Caretaker Frequently Asked Questions or you can Contact Us.