For Rent By Owner Services

Program Schedule of Services and Fees:


Membership fee – a one-time $369.95 per property and includes the following:

  • Homes In Transition will act as Owner’s Agent for a period up to and including the signing of a Lease with a prospective Tenant.
  • Placement of property pictures and owner provided information into rental marketing network until property is rented. Additional marketing available as Available Services.
  • Rental rate estimate – based on area rents being charged not what’s being asked!Access to a Sample New Mexico Tenant Rental Agreement that can be modified to fit your needs.
  • Ability to manage your property as much or as little as you want using our exclusive menu of available services.
  • Process the Prospective Tenant Guest Cards and Application(s) for Owners consideration and showing instructions.
  • Provide a written company recommendation on tenant based on Application information we gather during the vetting process. Other Available Services deployed in this process will greatly enhance the accuracy Tenant recommendation. Homes In Transition is an equal housing company.
  • Provide 2 hours of Lease negotiation between Tenant and Owner and provide signing accommodations in our office for both parties.
  • Provide Tenant with a Property Condition Report Attachment form for their personal comments about the condition of the home or any issue they find in contradiction to the Property Condition Report below.
  • Provide Tenant with a Move-out Inspection Checklist to be used during move-out from the property.


Menu of Available Services:

Background Check Services – $35.00 per applicant over the age of 18. Specific information can be shared only upon written request of Owner.

Personal interview of prospective Tenant by seasoned Company Staff – $69.00 per person, $89.00 per family.

Showing of rental unit to qualified applicants and as requested by Owner – $49.00/showing.

Additional time to negotiate and complete Tenant Rental Agreement if necessary – $89.00 per hour.

Provide Property Pictures for Member Rental Network marketing – $99.00.

Pre-Rental Property Condition Report (PCR) – $149.00. –  Includes full length video of the property both inside and out creating a useful tool for determining existing condition, future damages, creditability with your tenant and an archive for court and insurance purposes. Video will be available on Company server at no cost or a DVD can be provided at an additional cost of $25.00.

Post-Property Condition Report – includes a visit to the property where the condition of the property will be evaluated based on the Move-out Inspection Checklist and review of the PCR video if applicable. A written report will be provided with make ready repairs and service recommendations for next tenant.

Pre-Rental Home Inspection – Starting at $229.00 (rates vary by size of property). – This service is provided by one of our affilaite third parties and includes a pre-warranty type inspection of all systems of the property to ensure the property is ready for rent with the least amount of maintenance worries. Much more invasive then Property Condition Report. Warranties are also available and highly recommended.

Property Management Consultation Services – $39.00 /mo.

  • Leverage years of New Mexico Property Management experience, advice and best practices to make your rental opportunity profitable and hassle free.
  • Access to Company’s Preferred Service Provider List for all your maintenance and service needs.
  • Access court approved Three Day Notice, Seven Day Notice and other documents required for Notices and court actions.
  • Tenant’s use of Company’s online Service Ticket Reporting System.

Legal Process Services – $89.00 per hour to include:

  • Court approved posting and documentation of Tenant Notices provided by Owner.
  • Court filing of necessary documents provided by Owner (does not include applicable filing fees).
  • Hand delivery / posting of legal Notices and Summons.
  • Attend all phases of property recovery, by Sheriff if necessary.
  • Secure property and change locks – cost of necessary services plus 20%.

Make Ready Services – $75.00 per hour to include:

  • Estimate, schedule, manage and in most cases perform of all make ready services, repairs or other services for the property prior to, during or after the rental term. As a Member you will have access to all Preferred Service Providers.


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